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Erica Ross

Erica Ross

Internal Evaluator

Erica Ross, Ph.D., has 5 years of experience in research and evaluation of K-12 programs. Mrs. Ross’s most recent work centered on conducting an external evaluation of a statewide comprehensive curriculum model for birth through age five that blends academic and social emotional learning.

In her most recent role, Mrs. Ross was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University. Within this role, she assisted with the external evaluation, developed methodological designs for other projects, led and supported data analyses, oversaw data collection, and led evaluation reports. This role followed the completion of her Ph.D. in Research, Assessment, and Evaluation of Education.

Prior to this role, she began her career as a middle school special education teacher. After several years in the classroom, she worked as a graduate research assistant. This role involved assisting in developing and conducting a mixed- method evaluation of a special education behavior program for a local school system. She was also involved in analyzing secondary data to inform effectiveness of a program, as well as conducting quantitative analyses through work with longitudinal data (VLDS) to explore access to advanced coursework across the state of Virginia and employing multivariate statistics to explore the working conditions and retention of Virginia teachers.

She has expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods data collection and instrument development. She has experience in quantitative data analytics including factor analysis, cluster analysis, social network analysis, and multilevel modeling using programs such as R, Stata, and SPSS. She has a wide array of experience disseminating research and evaluation work to a variety of audiences through reports, peer-reviewed articles, publications, conference presentations, as well as other methods to share results with practitioners and stakeholders to best translate research into practice.

portrait of Erica Ross