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Teacher working with students

An Authentic Experiential Professional Learning Approach

Region 8 Comprehensive Center (R8CC) has collaborated with leadership in the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce’s (ODEW) Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies (OLIS) for the past…

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R8CC Pathways Team Meeting

Expanding Pathways into Early Education Classrooms: Michigan’s use of Career and Technical Education Programs to Launch Careers

There is a clear and compelling case that high-quality prekindergarten programs support children’s learning and development. Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program is a long-standing publicly-…

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Youth getting on a school bus

Summer Planning Starts Now

Classroom wisdom and recent research tells us that summer plays a special role in youth development.

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Headshot of Terry Lashley

Musings on Teaching and Learning, Reflections and Serendipity

I have always been interested in science, mathematics, music, and literature…in that order. Prior to high school graduation, my chemistry and physics teacher encouraged me to think about a career in…

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Adult male looking into a camera

Digital Literacy: A Moving Target

When I was in the ninth grade, I took a typing class. It was expected that most students in my school did. We did have electric typewriters back then, not manual, but they were definitely typewriters…

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