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Over two years ago, the Office of Learning Instructional Strategies (OLIS) at the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce started a journey to explore high-quality instructional materials. Then, the staff studied educational coherence and discussed the implications of coherence in the classroom…
This document is based on a review of guidance and policy created by states as of April 2024. It
includes guidance from a foundational document on the issue, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning: Insights and Recommendations, from the Office of Educational…
A downloadable brochure of how the Region 8 Comprehensive Center connects state, regional, and local education leaders, teachers, and policymakers across the region to evidence-based research practitioner insights, and promising new technologies and practices.
The Region 8 Comprehensive Center and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) created this resource to shine a light on Michigan's strategic education plan. It also focuses on the how and why of development of technical literacy skills and diversity in literature.
In this Region 8 Comprehensive Center webinar, Joe Timbrook, the Director of Career Development for the Lawrence County Economic Growth Council/Workforce Coalition, presents on how Lawrence County Economic Growth Council/Workforce Coalition has been successful in achieving state records of high…


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Author: Dr. John RossDate:
This series opened with a conversation with my friend and colleague, Eric Nentrup, who is an educational consultant with his hand on the pulse of AI (artificial intelligence) in education at the national level since he has and is continuing to help publish reports on AI for the Office of Educational Technology in the U.S. Department of Education. I then focused my attention on school districts by chatting with another friend and colleague, Maria Stavropoulus, who has leveraged her statewide connections and is championing AI at the district level. She’s even teaching a college class on using AI in education. I thought it would be nice to round out this series with a discussion with someone working directly with teachers and students in a school, and I knew exactly who that should be.
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Author: Dr. John RossDate:
I’ve been collaborating with my friend and colleague Maria Stavropoulus for a few years on a project for the North Carolina Business Committee for Education (NCBCE), located in the state’s governor’s office. We’ve helped the NCBCE establish a network of student technology teams across the state and have provided guidance, coaching, and some curriculum development.
Teacher working with students
Author: Dr. John RossDate:
It seems like I can’t go a day without hearing about AI—artificial intelligence. It shows up daily in my education blogs and e-zines; in the general news; my friends and colleagues bring it up; and it’s in books, movies, and TV shows.
Teacher working with students
Author: Tara Donahue, Lori Vandeborne, Jason LaTurnerDate:
Region 8 Comprehensive Center (R8CC) has collaborated with leadership in the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce’s (ODEW) Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies (OLIS) for the past four years and has embraced a learning journey that shifted from high-quality instructional materials guidance to educational coherence to aligning to curriculum-based professional learning.
R8CC Pathways Team Meeting
Author: R8CC Pathways Team Date:
There is a clear and compelling case that high-quality prekindergarten programs support children’s learning and development. Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program is a long-standing publicly-funded prekindergarten program.