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The Region 8 Comprehensive Center hosted a webinar to discuss Dual Credit in Indiana, particularly dual credit in rural school districts. The Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) shared highlights and recommendations from a recent effort to study Indiana’s dual credit teacher…
The Region 8 Comprehensive Center (Region 8 CC) team joined Michigan’s Statewide Summer Learning Network (SSLN) to provide support in furthering the goals of increased access, participation, and quality for summer learning and enrichment opportunities. In winter 2022, the Region 8 CC team conducted…
Region 8 Comprehensive Center developed this brief in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Education to outline best practices for cultivating relationships with potential new hires. The brief goes over relationship-based recruitment and what it looks like to have an ongoing relationship-…
The Region 8 Comprehensive Center collaborated with the Indiana Department of Education to evaluate the obstacles many districts face in the teacher hiring process. The brief further discusses the importance of hiring timelines, benefits and barriers of early hiring, and recommendations and…


A photo of Amy Colton
Author: Amy ColtonDate:
A colleague recently asked me what my approach to capacity building is as a state coordinator in Michigan for the Region 8 Comprehensive Center (CC).
Student holding a pencil and scantron answer sheet
Author: Dumdi BaribeDate:
In 2022, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) mathematics and reading assessments were administered to samples of Grade 4 and Grade 8 students in select school districts across the country.
Adult speaking to a group at a table.
Author: Dumdi BaribeDate:
The Region 8 Comprehensive Center (Region 8 CC) is supported by program evaluators who study the initiatives through which technical assistance is facilitated with State Education Agency (SEA) clients.
an adult teacher working with two students
Author: Dumdi BaribeDate:
Ideally, education research and practice should be in a mutually reinforcing dialogue, with practitioners sharing insights from their experiences to inform research and researchers investigating questions of interest to practitioners and then communicating findings.
Three adults chatting at a table.
Author: Dumdi BaribeDate:
In this month's blog, we talk to some members of the Region 8 CC staff about the difference between Technical Assistance and Capacity Building.