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Confronting Bias and Building Trust: Strategies to Create Inclusive Environments for Black Teachers


This Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest webinar showcases how retaining Black teachers is a high-leverage strategy for improving student outcomes, particularly for Black students. During the webinar, researchers present information on the importance and challenges of retaining Black teachers, as well as evidence-based strategies that can increase retention rates for Black teachers and potentially improve educational outcomes among Black students. Practitioners share real-life examples and concrete strategies that educators can implement to create inclusive and antiracist work environments and improve retention rates among Black teachers within their school and/or district.

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  • Jameela Conway-Turner, PhD, Researcher, REL Midwest
  • Kyle Fagan, PhD, Researcher, REL Midwest
  • Curtis Jones, PhD, Director, Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education, and Co-Director, Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Research Partnership, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Katharine Rainey, Director, Educator Development and Support, and Co-Director, Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Research Partnership, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Kyron Harvell, STAR Project Director, Office of School Culture, Lansing School District
  • Sharif El-Mekki, CEO, Center for Black Educator Development, and REL Mid-Atlantic Governing Board Member