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Three adults chatting at a table.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building: What’s the Difference?

In this month's blog, we talk to some members of the Region 8 CC staff about the difference between Technical Assistance and Capacity Building.

Categories: Accountability & Assessment Educational Equity Learning & Instruction Planning & Management

Two students reading from books.

Region 8 CC Spotlight: Caitlin Howley

In this installment of the Region 8 CC staff spotlight, we profile our new Co-Director, Dr. Caitlin Howley.

Categories: Educational Equity Learning & Instruction Schools & Classrooms Teachers & Leaders

ESEA Conference Opening Session

Region 8 CC and MDE at the 2022 National ESEA Conference

During the 2022 National ESEA Conference, held in New Orleans this year, the Region 8 CC and Michigan Department of Education (MDE) team led three workshops during the Wednesday and Friday sessions.

Categories: Educational Equity Planning & Management Social/ Emotional/ Behavioral Teachers & Leaders

young children participate in chemistry lesson

Region 8 CC Spotlight: Aracelis Gray and Amanda Trainor

In continuing our series on key Region 8 CC staff, we profile our two Ohio state coordinators, Aracelis Gray and Amanda Trainor this month.

Categories: Teachers & Leaders

a woman assists a student at a computer

Mentoring for Diversity: Starting the Conversation

Mentoring and induction is an effective way to improve teacher effectiveness and teacher retention. But a “one size fits all” approach to mentoring doesn’t work. Teachers from diverse backgrounds…

Categories: Diverse Learners Educational Equity Teachers & Leaders