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Summer Planning Starts Now

Author: Elizabeth Eaton Date: 10/05/2023 Category: Learning & Instruction Planning & Management Schools & Classrooms Teachers & Leaders
Youth getting on a school bus

Classroom wisdom and recent research tells us that summer plays a special role in youth development. Evidence shows that well-planned, high-quality summer learning programs can produce positive academic and social-emotional development gains among students (McCombs, Augustine, Pane, & Schweig, 2020). However, not all students have access to quality summer programming, especially those who might need it the most (Dworkin, 2022).

State and district leaders perform a key role in facilitating access to meaningful summer learning opportunities. Research identifies five key conditions that support effective planning of quality summer learning programs (Schwartz, McCombs, Augustine, & Leschitz, 2018):

  1. Start planning early (no later than January).
  2. Identify a dedicated summer planning lead with authority to engage or oversee departmental leaders.
  3. Establish cross-departmental planning teams with defined roles and responsibilities.
  4. Engage summer site leads, including community partners in planning.
  5. Identify a process to collect and discuss data focused on program attendance, instructional time and practices, and site climate.

Are you ready to make next summer the best yet for learners in your community? Earlier this year, the Region 8 Comprehensive Center hosted a virtual learning series, Getting Ready for Summer. This four-part series provided opportunities for educators to reflect on past summer learning programs and craft new approaches to meet the needs of learners and families in their communities. Session recordings and materials are now available on the Region 8 Comprehensive Center website to access on-demand to support the planning of your summer learning programming.

Sessions include:

Want more resources to help plan your summer learning program? Check out the Wallace Foundation’s Summer Learning Toolkit filled with tools, tip sheets, and sample materials to help you deliver meaningful summer learning programs. You can also access resources across the Comprehensive Center Network focused on summer learning and out-of-school time.





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