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Emir Davis

Emir Davis

Indiana State Coordinator

Mr. Davis brings 19 years of diverse education experience at various levels, including K-12 teaching, school administration, district leadership, and consultancy. His extensive background encompasses a range of roles, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the education landscape across the Region 8 states. Mr. Davis is a State Coordinator, assisting SEA leaders in Indiana to build and sustain high-performing cultures teaching and learning cultures in the state’s districts and schools. In particular, he supports Indiana's enhanced teacher pipeline initiatives, helping the state to ensure a continuous flow of skilled and dedicated educators into the education system.

Mr. Davis’s expertise lies in facilitating the learning of state and district practitioners, particularly on equity-centered technical skills and competencies. With a wealth of experience in turning around struggling schools, he has successfully implemented comprehensive initiatives to improve literacy outcomes for students across all grade levels, from kindergarten to 12th grade. Mr. Davis’s expertise extends to consulting in rural communities, where he has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing initiatives to address unique literacy challenges.

Mr. Davis is a seasoned practitioner and a prolific writer, contributing to the discourse on school improvement and values-driven leadership in educational settings. His publications delve into the intricacies of implementing effective strategies for school improvement, drawing on his extensive experience in turning around underperforming schools. Mr. Davis has been a thought leader in advocating for values-driven leadership, emphasizing the importance of ethical and principled decision-making at all levels of the education system. Furthermore, his work extends to "grow your own" teacher initiatives, with publications providing insights and guidance for districts and SEAs seeking to cultivate a sustainable and skilled pool of educators within their communities.

portrait of Emir Davis