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Beverly Mattson

Beverly Mattson

Indiana State Coordinator

Beverly Mattson, PhD, IN State Coordinator, has more than 40 years of experience in education, including 21 years through CCs and 25 years working with SEAs. As a technical assistant specialist for GLCC, Dr. Mattson has knowledge and understanding of the LEA support systems within states. For example, Dr. Mattson assisted SEAs, including MDE, in implementing federal education legislation and a variety of initiatives, including personnel and professional development systems; statewide systems of support; special education; statewide literacy plans; high-performing, high poverty schools; and public charter schools.

Dr. Mattson has experience in working with SEAs and LEAs to implement comprehensive innovative systems to improve student achievement or provide large-scale TA focused on improving student outcomes. For instance, as TN state coordinator for the ARCC, Dr. Mattson assisted TDOE in planning and implementing its micro-credentialing pilot with 25 LEAs.

Dr. Mattson is knowledgeable of and experienced with working with educational choice and public charter schools at the local, state, and federal levels since the 1990s. At the local level, Dr. Mattson conducted monitoring reviews of public charter schools in the District of Columbia and Maryland and assisted public charter schools identified as needing improvement in the District, Maryland, and Indiana. At the state level, through her association with the Mid-Atlantic CC (MACC), she worked with the Delaware (DE) Department of Education to create a Teacher Recruitment and Selection Toolkit for Public Charter Schools. For more than 5 years, she served as a contracted TA provider to the MD Department of Education’s implementation of the public charter school program.

As a team member, she helped develop a model policy and resource guide for LEAs, a model charter school application and performance contract for LEAs, charter school quality standards and implementation standards and guides, a charter school self-assessment based on the standards, and professional development modules, and co-facilitated meetings with LEA Charter School Liaisons. For 3 years, Dr. Mattson has served as a contractual monitoring reviewer of public charter schools in Washington, Pennsylvania, and Illinois that received direct funding through the non-state entity grants.

portrait of Beverly Mattson