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Aracelis Gray

Aracelis Gray

Ohio State Coordinator

Aracelis Gray, MS, OH State Coordinator, has nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of education and youth development. In her role as ARCC VA state coordinator, Ms. Gray conducted needs sensing, developed TA service plans, and delivered and supported TA initiatives to build the capacity of VDOE to implement education reforms. In addition, she collaborated with ARCC staff to support regional TA projects and developed materials in support of all states served by the CC program. For example, Ms. Gray contributed her expertise to the ARCC KY TA team as they built KDE capacity to develop tools and resources for the identification and selection of evidence-based practices for school improvement; led development of an interactive webinar about ways in which state, district, and school leaders can leverage ESEA to continue to pursue the goal of educational equity; and partnered with the NCIL to deliver a series of professional development sessions and peer-to-peer exchanges to build SEA capacity to support students with literacy-based disabilities.

Ms. Gray also supported college and career readiness initiatives in the areas of work-based learning and the implementation of new requirements under VDOE’s new Profile of a Virginia Graduate policy; provided capacity-building support for the design, development, and delivery of a trauma-informed training materials and resources to improve social-emotional outcomes for students; and conducted research activities to develop a set of policy and practice recommendations to inform the design and implementation of teacher compensation reforms across VA.

In her role as associate director of ED’s Reform Support Network, Ms. Gray oversaw the delivery of TA to Race to the Top state grantees, which enabled her to develop a keen understanding of ED’s priorities and the needs and capacities of the grantee states to effectively implement these education reforms. In addition to her leadership role, Ms. Gray managed product development and dissemination activities and oversaw the development and production of more than 150 tools and publications with strategies for implementing reforms in education policy and practice, including adopting high-quality standards and assessments; developing data systems to improve instruction; recruiting, developing, and retaining great teachers and leaders; and turning around the lowest-achieving schools.

portrait of Aracelis Gray